High-Yield Investing


APY is variableSave and earn more with 8.50% monthly dividends

Grow your savings with a high-yield cash account. Moonwhale Cash Reserve secures your money during volatile times while earning 11x the national average.

What makes Moonwhale's Cash Reserve better?

$2 million insured

Rest easy with FDIC insurance up to $2 million ($4 million for joint accounts) with our program. That's 8X the standard.

Unlimited withdrawals

Compare this to other banks that limit how often you can access your money

No minimum balance

Other institutions offer higher interest rates based on a larger balance—you can grow your money with us for as little as $1000.

Optimize your cash today.
Start saving for tomorrow

Set money aside for what matters to you. Create multiple savings goals and use our automated tools to help you achieve them
Keep your money safe as it grows
Cash Reserve lets you earn interest even during volatile times. FDIC insurance covers your money up to ($2 million ($4 million for joint accounts) at our program banks, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice security for growth

High Yield FundExplore the amazing features of our High Yield Investing Fund

This asset class is targeted towards investors with long-term objectives and early returns
Spend less time micromanaging your investments
Expandable investment capital upwards
Zero account management fee
Deal Structuring



Min. Initial Investment Capital

14 Days

Min. Investment Duration


Average Daily Percentage ROI


Assets In Holding for This Class

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Moonwhale High yield directly offer balances up to $25,000 a 7.5% monthly yield, while balances up to or above $50,000 earn 15% monthly


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