What Makes Us Different?
Moonwhale Ventures is an investment firm committed to exceptional returns for investors through actively traded assets, portfolio companies, protocols and seeks to identify companies that are leading and benefiting from cross-sector innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, Real estate and blockchain technology
STEFAN BERGSTRÖMManaging Director and Founder of Moonwhale Ventures

Our StoryHere's the story of how we came on the scene

Moonwhale Ventures is an asset investment firm founded in 2017 with the objective of managing trades and investment for investors.

Moonwhale funds can allocate capital away from less-attractive strategies to those that offer superior opportunities. As a global alternative asset manager providing a range of products across Moonwhale,stocks & ETFs, Real estate investments, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, Precious metals and luxury Disruptions, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Renewable Energy, Fixed Income, Esg solution and Retirement alternatives.
Our investment model benefits from collaboration among our investment teams and brings to bear all of our diverse resources and perspectives. We have a proven track record of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Involved From The Start

Since 2017, we have created wealth for Elite investors all over the world.
We are a company with a history


Moonwhale Ventures was founded by stefan bergström

Moonwhale is a hedge fund manager that provides risk-adjusted returns. The firm was established in 2017 by stefan bergström with Operating offices presence in the United States, Poland, Singapore and Australia


1st November 2017

Moonwhale formed its first venture fund

Better than a buy and hold strategy, Moonwhale Ventures invests in yield generating opportunities with great potentials at the early stage level utilizing a well calculated exit strategy to maximize returns while allocating capital to diversified opportunities that offers consistent returns

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Stefan is a private angel- and blockchain investor, serial entrepreneur based in Sweden. He invested in 20+ tech start-ups mainly focusing on Privacy by design principles, GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – and compliance. Extensive experience from the Travel Industry. Owned and operated 6 hotels. Investor and Advisor in NFT, Metaverse and general blockchain projects. He founded Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures, an advisory for Blockchain technology application in existing businesses for efficiency improvements and complexity reduction.


Moonwhale Ventures Pioneering an insightful investment approach for a novel asset class

Building on the firm’s Real Return practice, Moonwhale Ventures expands into commodities and goes on to become one of the world’s largest commodities manager by launching alternative strategies and expands the line in response to capital markets innovation. Moonwhale Ventures also ventured into providing professionally managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on behalf of investors whilst staying at the fore front of innovations and utilizing Blockchain technology to foster transparent transactions globally



Moonwhale Ventures Unique Deal flow and ESG Solutions

Beyond comprehensive analysis, Moonwhale Ventures accesses proprietary deal flow for projects which are not yet publicly investable, and has been on the forefront of investment innovation in a rapidly emerging sector while launching a global Esg Investment Platform to help clients achieve their investment goals, while influencing positive change.
The firm’s size and long-lasting relationships with issuers have helped us be a leader in ESG engagement for fixed income. Launches one of the first sustainable-themed fixed income solutions to target global climate action.

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Mission and ValuesOur Mission is built upon core values

To provide exceptional services that empower our clients to achieve their financial goals. Integrity, trust, and transparency form the foundation of our values. We believe in building relationships based on mutual trust and open communication. Our client-centric approach ensures that your interests always come first.


A multi-asset strategy combining different types of assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, or cash.

Stocks / Private Equity

When you invest in stocks (also called equities), you buy a share in a company and become a shareholder.

Social Inveting

From funds that invest in precious metals such as gold and silver, to energy resources such as oil and natural gas.

Real Estate

Driven by the search for additional sources of return. More and more investors are shifting to alternatives to help them achieve their goals


We go above and beyond to provide unparalleled service, customized solutions, and a deep understanding of your financial aspirations.


Invest in the future you believe in with thematic investment strategies, offering diversified exposure to the market segments that will shape our lives.


Commitment to InnovationInnovation is at the core of our values

We stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest advancements in technology and investment strategies. By combining traditional approaches with cutting-edge methodologies, we unlock new opportunities and optimize returns for our clients.

Motivated & Aligned Leadership

Our team of tenured investment professionals across North America, Europe and Asia collaborate across disciplines, asset classes and geographies to quickly identify opportunities and navigate changing market conditions.We continually test ideas and re-underwrite our portfolios in pursuit of the strongest risk/reward opportunities.

Strong partnership built on trust, expertise, and commitment to your success.

We are here to provide guidance, clarity, and support throughout your investment journey. Your goals become our goals, and together, we will navigate the complexities of the market to achieve the outcomes you desire.

We measure our success by the success of our clients

Over the years, we have helped individuals and businesses achieve their financial aspirations, creating a legacy of success stories.
Client Satisfaction
Unique Experience
Impressive Portfolio Performance
Guaranteed Returns on Investment

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